In November last year, the Norwegian political party Fremskrittspartiet (the progress party) has registered the new logo, which depicts a large red Apple. However, it is not too much Apple and its representatives appealed to the Norwegian patent office to protest.

It is noteworthy that the logo of the Norwegian party absolutely not similar to the famous “bitten” Apple logo. It depicts a red Apple with a green leaf and a large white letter “F” in the center. But lawyers of Apple, the company still filed a protest.

According to representatives of Apple logo Fremskrittspartiet reminiscent of a very famous logo of Apple company. And it’s not so much about the new logos, how about the more traditional versions of logo, from which the cupertinos have refused. At the moment, do not know exactly how to respond to such a complaint by the Norwegian patent office. You can, however, say that Apple will continue to appeal.

In the past cupertinos have often prevented different companies use images of fruits in their logos. And, in some cases, the logo was not even image of Apple.


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