Almost immediately after the start of sales of iPad Pro 2018 the network began to receive complaints that the new Apple tablet is very easy to bend. And for this new product do not even need to specifically test the strength. The tablet can originally come from a small deformation of the casing. Recently, representatives from Apple have given an official comment on this occasion.

In a nutshell, the cupertinos not see in a small curved case iPad Pro 2018 nothing. In the comments to the Verge representatives from Apple, the company noted that a slight deformation is a side effect of the production process.

Separately cupertinos highlighted that a small curvature of the hull does affect neither appearance nor its performance. For this reason, Apple does not consider the minimum bending iPad Pro 2018 marriage and such doesn’t change the tablet under warranty.

Check out the new Apple tablet for the presence of such defects is easy enough – you just need to put the iPad Pro on the table and see how tight the corners of the device are on the table.


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