Forbes has published a new edition of its annual ranking, called Just 100, which includes the top 100 us companies. It is noteworthy that unlike most other such lists in Just 100 the iPhone maker is not showing very good results. In particular, in a new ranking of Apple was only in the second ten.

The leader Just 100 2018 was Microsoft, in second place is Intel, and locked the three leaders holding Alphabet, which includes Google. Also in the top ten was a place with IBM, NVIDIA and Adobe Systems.

With regard to Apple company, this year it took only 16th place. Moreover, if to compare with last year, the iPhone maker has made significant progress. In 2017, Apple has held in Just 100 from Forbes, only 34 line.

The rankings of the best U.S. companies by Forbes takes into account many parameters, from product quality and environmental stewardship to the number of jobs created and the cost of employees ‘ health. In the rankings involved ordinary Americans. For this Forbes enlists the help of the company, which this year interviewed more than 80,000 U.S. residents.


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