Bloomberg, citing informed sources have shared new information concerning the inner processes of Apple. In particular, the authors of the resource said that the cupertinos put forward strict requirements on temporary employees. And this applies not only to contracts but also working conditions.

According to reports, Apple prohibits contractors to enter the campus from the main entrance. Such employees must enter the office through the back door. In addition, they have no right to Parking. Thus, the cupertinos are trying all ways to hide the fact that the person is temporarily running Apple.

For contractors, there are other limitations. In particular, they are not allowed to visit many areas of the campus. Especially for them there are separate offices that the level of comfort is much inferior to those which employ a permanent staff of Apple. Sources say that the contractors there may be one toilet for the whole floor and only a few water coolers – all this is done to ensure that temporary employees are not away from work.

In addition, the contractors sign the tough enough contract. According to the latest temporary employees are forbidden to disclose any information related to Apple. In some cases, contractors can mention about your experience in the Apple even if their future employment.

The Bloomberg authors note that many of these rules recruitment company who are looking for Apple part-time employees. It’s hard to believe that cupertinos do not affect working condition.


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