Apple has long been trying to prevent users from self-repairing the Apple mobile device. Explicit prohibitions cupertinos not administered. However, they are trying by all means to insist that the repairs can only be carried out specialists. Otherwise, users run the risk of damaging components of the device.

A similar campaign from Apple is aimed primarily at countering the initiative called “Right to repair”. Its proponents advocate the ability to self-repair of mobile devices, including iPhone and iPad at home.

In a recent meeting with representatives of the Committee on privacy and consumer protection lobbyists, Apple once again has spoken out against self-repair gadgets. The company believes that users unknowingly may accidentally damage the internal components of the device and injure themselves.

However, the Director of the advocacy group US PIRG Nathan Proctor believes that a statement about a traumatic repair of Apple technology is not true. The expert notes that today millions of people own iPhone repair, some even do it on a regular basis, taking orders from other owners of Apple smartphones.

The initiative “Right to repair” suggests that large manufacturers should share with the users not only repair information, but also provide the opportunity to purchase components and tools to fix gadgets with your own hands.


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