Apple Watch and AirPods out of competition.

Apple became the confident leader of the market of wearable devices by 2018. According to a report by research firm IDC, Apple has strengthened its leadership at the expense of release of new smart watches Apple Watch Series 4 and still persistent sales AirPods wireless headphones.

Apple’s share in the global Wearables market in 2018 amounted to 27.4%. The separation from the nearest pursuer, Xiaomi, more than double. The share of Chinese products equal to 12.6%. The three most popular manufacturers of wearable devices was closed by another Chinese company Huawei.

IDC said that Xiaomi and Huawei are betting on a relatively inexpensive wearable device. Despite this, they still can’t catch Apple with its much more costly gadgets, even in quantitative sales.

Analysts believe that in the next few years, wearable device market will develop rapidly. The most popular wearable devices will be completely wireless headphones and smart watches. According to experts, in the category of wireless headphones, the greatest competition is expected because of the high customer interest in this product.

According to the latest data, at the end of March Apple will hold its first presentation in 2019. The event can be presented new wireless headphones 2 AirPods.


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