According to analysts at Morgan Stanley revenue and arrived the Apple, both in the current and subsequent quarter of 2018 will increase, which will lead to a sharp rise in prices of shares of the Corporation.

Experts estimate that in the third quarter of 2018 Apple will sell 39.8 million iPhone, and the demand for the services of the company uvelichina 32%.

“We expect that Apple will report linear the June quarter and slightly weaker in September due to the fact that the iPhone with 6.1-inch LCD screen will be rescheduled for October,” — experts say.

However, this will not prevent Apple to sell about 90 million smartphones in the second half of 2018.

“Sales of the iPhone differ a shortened cycle, so the demand will grow if the market is ready for it. We expect that investors will pay more attention to the sale of services. A good result in this field will testify about the stability of Apple’s earnings, despite the decline in revenues from the sale of devices,” the report says.

Morgan Stanley analysts believe that the trading price of Apple stock will increase to $ 232. According to past predictions, the marginal cost of securities reached $ 214 per share. However, these data can still be adjusted.

Apple will announce results for the third fiscal quarter of 2018, after close of trading on 31 July 2018.


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