Apple revealed the reason for the inflated price iPhone repair in the official service. As it turned out, she did not have enough money, and she simply wants to earn more on each owner of each its device. Of course, this applies any the device — the situation with the MacBook exactly the same.

Apple said that in 2009 “the cost of providing services for the repair exceeded the revenues” of the company with them. That is why now the price of the service is so grown up, and they will continue to grow, because the company has a formal excuse. And even the fact that Apple is the most valuable company in the world, does not cause the leadership to meet the needs of the consumers and to reduce the cost of repairs. So the iPhone repair in Kharkov, and also in any other cities, it is better to make third-party service centers, the quality of the work they are often not worse, and even better than in the authorised repair shops, plus don’t have to wait two weeks for the specialist to get my hands on to your device. So there’s two advantages — you save both money and time, while getting a decent result.

By the way, for the reason that Apple wants to bleed its users, it makes your device the maximum to repair. This applies in particular to the iPhone, although experts have long learned to disassemble them. Again, if repaired in authorized service, Apple will have to pay three times — first, you will spend more time, and secondly, the work itself will be more expensive, thirdly, the accessories you sell at exorbitant prices. A striking example is the iPhone X, released in September 2017 and at the start of sales cost exactly $ 1,000. So for replacement screen Apple sought as much as $ 600 for this money you can buy another iPhone or simpler a few of the flagships of Xiaomi.

And the most interesting is that Apple wants more money, she admitted recently, just a couple of days ago. Prior to that, she had another excuse — she claimed that cares about user security as self-repair and the fixation of the unauthorized services, a level of expertise which Apple does not even consider, can lead to tragic consequences. For example, you can cut yourself on broken glass screen or back cover, or accidentally damage the battery, and that will explode. But it sounded all too farfetched, and now Apple has shown its true face.

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