A few years ago, representatives of Huawei announced that they plan to compete with Apple for leadership in the market of mobile devices. Then many believed that Chinese companies can not do it. However, today Huawei is one of the most powerful manufacturers of mobile devices on the market. The Chinese company continues to strengthen its position in this year to oust Apple.

According to market research company TrendForce, this year, Huawei will be able to take away from Apple some market share and become the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. First, according to experts, will remain Samsung.

Analysts say that Apple can not show anything fundamentally new. For this reason, people were less likely to change their smartphones. In addition to user demand negatively influenced the pricing policy of the company. In the end, this year cupertinos may lose some share of the global market.

Experts TrendForce sure that in 2019, the producers will supply about 1.4 billion new smartphones, which is 3.3% less than last year. While it is likely that the supply drop could be even more visible – it will depend on relations between the US and China.


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