Apple fans remember the legendary quote of Steve jobs.

All new Apple devices sample 2018 was more expensive than the previous, and in most cases significantly. Dissatisfaction with the pricing policy Apple Express not only in Russia, where, coupled with the depreciation of the ruble the cost of a new iPhone, iPad and Mac has become unattainable for many. Even in the US, where some of the lowest prices for Apple equipment, is extremely dissatisfied with the situation. In discussing the new prices of Apple fans, the company recalled one of the quotes of Steve jobs.

In 1985 Steve jobs was fired from Apple because of serious disagreements with the leadership of the company. The company’s founder returned in 1996 when Apple was in the most serious crisis in history. In 1998, when thanks to the skillful moves of Steve jobs Apple started to regain positions, the legendary Director said:

“For many years the goal of Apple was to create the best computers in the world. And that was goal number one. The second goal was to make money, as if we hadn’t made a profit, it could make computers. We liked to make a profit, but the purpose of the earnings was the fact that we can continue to create the best computers in the world.

One moment targets Apple just reversed. The company started making computers in order to earn money”.

Apple fans believe that now the company sees its number one goal — earning money. Of course, the widespread increase in the price of Apple devices can be explained by many other reasons, the same desire to create great products, but the price increase is happening too fast, I guess fans of “Apple” products.


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