The survey showed keen interest.

An independent survey of the investment company Baird showed that customers are interested in Apple’s new streaming TV service. According to the survey, your interest in the new Apple shows 18% of users. It is a great indicator for the still-unannounced service, experts say.

According to the latest information from trusted sources, Apple is expected to introduce its branded streaming TV service on the presentation at the end of March. The new service should be shareware for all users of Apple devices. For owners of iPhone, iPad and Mac part of the content in the service will be available to view after sign in using Apple ID.

Access to the entire content of the new service Apple will open on a paid subscription. It is reported that the subscription price will be similar to that installed in other similar services, such as Netflix. It is expected that the subscription price will be $15 per month.

For Russian users of Apple may make a discount, as in the case of Apple Music. Recall that the Russians pay for the subscription music service Apple is much less than users from other countries. In Russia Apple Music is estimated at 169 per month, whereas in most other countries $9.99 (657 rubles at the current exchange rate). It is not excluded that a similar generosity of Apple will show in the case of TV service.

Earlier it became known that the spring Apple needs to go March 25.

Source: 9to5Mac.


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