Apple came up with another creative advertising for their product. The American Corporation has released a three-minute video on creating round boxes of pizza.

In the story, four employees of the company for the sale of the pizza should present the idea of a round package management. The difficulty lies in the fact that the study plan they have only three days. In order to finish the project on time, the team need to work hard.

To cope with all the tasks the staff are always helping various Apple equipment, ranging from computers and smart watches, ending with the sketch programs for iPad and Apple Pencil. The team comes to the conclusion that round box of pizza is more comfortable, easier, cleaner and takes up less space.

Apple has applied for registration of the patent, which described a round box for pizza back in 2010. The project was attended by the head of the food service company Francesco Longoni. Due to the round shape box retains heat better product and also prevents the formation of condensation by releasing steam through the holes in the lid. Currently, this box has been successfully used in cafeterias in its campus in California, including Apple Park.

After the death of Steve jobs, the employees of the Corporation signed one of these round boxes.

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