Users are very happy.

Earlier in the week in the App store had seen an unusual bug. From the pages of apps and games missing the list with a detailed description of in-app purchases, which caused serious inconvenience to users. Fortunately, Apple has responded to the failure of operational lists with in-app purchases back in the App Store.

The ability to view a list of in-app purchases of apps and games gone from the App Store suddenly. Apple didn’t do any updates and have not announced plans to remove a useful list with a list of in-app purchases. In this regard, it was assumed that the missing list was the result of an error.

Suspicions confirmed — lists with in-app purchases is back on the pages of apps already on Thursday, 1 November. Apple has returned the ability to view existing applications, in-app purchases still “quietly”, without special announcements.

Users positively welcomed the return of this option. The fact that many users are accustomed at the stage of browsing in-app purchases to determine whether to download the app or not. The opportunity to really convenient, as allows to download the apps to know whether it requires compulsory purchase to unlock all features.


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