According to the company Thinknum, in recent years Apple has reduced the number of vacancies for specialists in hardware development. Now cupertinos actively recruiting software developers.

Experts note that as of the end of February, Apple has become noticeably more open positions for software engineers and software developers. With even a few months ago the situation was radically different, and the company is actively looking for engineers for hardware development.

It is assumed that kupertinovtsy decided to shift the vector of development. According to rumors the main reason for this was low sales of the latest Apple smartphones. As a result, the company’s management has been some changes. In particular, it was decided to replace Ahrendts Angela (Angela Ahrendts) to the head of the personnel Department of the Deirdre O’brien (Deirdre O’brien), as well as to impeach bill Stasior (Bill Stasior), Executive Director in the Department of Siri.

According to available data, now cupertinos trying to find ways to reduce its dependence on iPhone sales. This company can help with their own services. For this reason, Apple has decided to actively recruit new software developers and close the vacancies for the engineers on hardware developments.


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