Recently senior Vice President of Apple software eddy cue talked with the journalists of The Times and shared some details about Apple TV+.

Answering the journalists ‘ question about what users should expect from the new services of Apple, eddy cue said that Apple won’t focus on a large amount of content. Instead, companies want to attract consumers with high-quality movies and shows. At the initial stage it can cause content to Apple TV+ will not be very much. However, with time the situation should be corrected.

It should be noted that this approach is not peculiar to the competitors. In particular, Netflix instead tries to offer users more diverse content. Eddy cue did not see such a strategy nothing wrong with that. However, at the same time, he notes that this is not the way Apple.

In addition, Apple’s Vice President of software said that initially the company had very few people who though understand something in the TV field. Yes, many were active consumers, but this did not make them experts. For this reason it was decided to hire people that would help you succeed in the new region. Two of these specialists were former Sony executives — Jamie Erlicht and Zack van Amburg.


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