Apple forced all developers to submit policy konfidentsialnosti evening, Apple has made a massive announcement for developers. The App Store service Connect there is a new requirement. From now on, all authors of mobile applications for iOS are required to submit a privacy policy.

This must be done no later than 3 October.

Even if the app is a simple utility that does not require access to the Internet and access any special functions of the smartphone, the developers should worry about creating a website which will page with the privacy policy.

Previously, this requirement censors the App Store has spread only to the applications which were provided by subscription. Now it is the same for all.

Another not very pleasant thing: if with iPhone, iPad and iPod to open any link using the Safari browser, the Apple TV will have to sew the entire text of the privacy policy directly in the app.

If Apple is already planning to remove works that do not contain this information is unknown. Time named, notice this, and it is better to perform it.

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