Apple keeps the defense.

A group of consumers from the United States filed for Apple to court for a monopoly in the App store. According to the claims of the plaintiffs, Apple sells apps in the App Store at inflated prices, while not allowing users to use independent sources to download and install applications. The lawyers have already conducted a preliminary review of the claim, and some of them said that the plaintiffs have the chance to win over Apple in court.

The plaintiffs believe that Apple has established a monopoly on the market of iOS apps and actively use it. The company charges developers a share of 30% from the sale of apps and in-app purchases. According to the plaintiffs, thus, Apple is forcing developers to increase the prices of their apps and games for iPhone and iPad. Along with this, Apple does not provide other features of the official apps are installed on iOS device.

Apple quickly responded to the loud claims of the plaintiffs. The company representatives said that there was no margin there. The company does not charge its customers an additional 30% of the applications. 30% Commission is deducted from the developers is a service charge of placing the app in the App Store.

Opinions of lawyers on this lawsuit broke. Some experts believe that Apple really operates transparently and do not overprice in the App Store. The other part believes that Apple monopolized the market for iOS apps by eliminating the possibility of any third-party distribution platforms.

The plaintiffs demand that Apple not only reduce the prices of apps in the App Store, but also enable you to download on iPhone and iPad applications from third-party sources. If the court will side with consumers, it is not excluded that in the future the App Store will have a competitor.


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