At the moment it is unknown exactly how much Apple spent on the construction of its new campus. However, previously, experts noted that such a project is unlikely to cost the iPhone maker cheaper than $ 6 billion. The cupertinos appreciate Apple Park only 200 dollars.

Despite statements by Apple executives that the company honest in paying taxes, in some cases, the cupertinos are trying to reduce such payments. Exactly what happens in the case of Apple Park.

According to reports, the state officials who are responsible for assessing the value of the property of Apple, can’t get from the iPhone maker of any payment. Cupertinos just dispute the payments. According to officials, today Apple’s lawyers have issued nearly 500 appeals.

Apple is not the first time tries to minimize tax payments. At the end of last year, the Irish office of the company has been assessed more than 13 billion euros of taxes, as it became clear that the iPhone maker has long illegally used some privileges and subsidies.


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