It is no secret that from time to time Apple buys promising companies and startups. However, usually cupertinos not in a hurry to share information about their purchases. For example, today it became known that at the end of last year, Apple bought a Danish startup Spektral.

The conditions and the transaction amount is unknown. However, network sources claim that in promising start-up cupertinos paid about 200 million crowns, or about 31 million dollars. It is assumed that the main reason to buy Spektral steel technology, has worked on the staff of a startup.

The most promising development Spektral were the methods of processing photos and videos, allowing in real time to change the background image. Thus, employees of a startup are actively used by the machine learning technology.

It is not excluded that Apple uses the work of Spektral in some of their products. For example, they can be used in standard Camera app for iOS or cupertinos can create a new brand app, something similar to the Clips.


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