Apple has acquired startup Laserlike working in machine learning
According to The Information, Apple has recently acquired

startup Laserlike. Terms of the deal and why Apple acquired the company is not disclosed.

The company Laserlike lasted four years and his research has focused on “search engine for the us interests” that could pick up news, videos or other web content concerning each user. As a basic assumption, the company proceeded from the fact that people may want to learn about things that do not necessarily appear in their usual news sources, for example, on the review of the vehicle, or about the upcoming music festival. App Laserlike no longer available in the App Store.

It is possible that Apple will use the technology or the team Laserlike to strengthen their own efforts in the field of machine learning. Thus, critics believe that Siri is much weaker than the competitors Amazon and Google, which have the advantage of connecting to massive amounts of cloud data. Apple’s position regarding confidentiality in many cases deprived of Siri, and, if possible, the technology relies on the processing of data on the device.

Technology can also be applied to Apple News. A paid subscription Apple News will be presented at a press conference on March 25 along with a streaming video service.

It is reported that the team Laserlike joined the AI Department at Apple. This unit

oversees the strategy AI and machine learning in all Apple products, as well as

the development of Core ML and Siri.

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