In the past, the market capitalization of Apple has already reached one trillion dollars. However long such figures are not kept. Moreover, in the last few months cupertinos lost and gained again the title of most expensive public company.

Today, Apple is again the most valuable company in the world. However, while the market capitalization of the manufacturer of the iPhone stays below the desired mark of $ 1 trillion. According to recent estimates, Apple is estimated to 992,66 billion. By the time of the closing of the exchange the shares of the Apple company declined slightly. However, even such performance was enough to become the most expensive public company in the world.

It is difficult to say how much Apple will stay on top of the rankings. Last week the title of most expensive companies owned by Microsoft, which first reached one trillion dollars in market capitalization. Now the software giant is on the second line. Its market capitalization is 979,92 billion dollars.

Closes the three most expensive public companies in the Amazon, the market capitalization of which is 941,10 billion.


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