Good news for iPhone owners.

In the near future Apple will allow third-party accessory manufacturers produce cables with connectors USB-C and Lightning. According to Japanese website Mac Otakara, the company has already contacted some members of the MFi program and advised on new opportunities.

The first accessories from third-party manufacturers will make their debut in mid-2019. Mandatory requirement of new partners using the Lightning connector C94. It supports 15-watt charging with a standard AC adapter and 18-watt charging with a more powerful adapter, for example, from MacBook. Of the minuses — component will add 50 cents to the cost of a new cable. This will likely affect the price for consumers.

Proprietary cable from Apple on the official website of the company is 1590 rubles. This price is for the accessory long 1 meter seems too high. In theory, certified cables from a third party should be cheaper.

The new accessory will allow no adapter to connect iPhone and iPad to a 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro models, which are devoid of all ports other than USB-C. Now to charge and transfer data from laptop to smartphone and tablet accounted for using hubs or adapters.

Source: MacOtakara.


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