At Apple working professionals in various fields. For example, in the past cupertinos were looking for Barista. However, recently the journalists of the Quartz found in the state the Apple company even more exotic employee. It turned out that within a few years Apple is running a “professional philosopher.”

Joshua Cohen came to the Apple company in 2011. When journalists failed to find out what exactly does Apple full-time philosopher. Cohen is forbidden to discuss their work with the press. Company representatives also do not rush to share such information.

However, the authors of Quartz, found out that Joshua Cohen is mainly engaged in the Apple University, which is an internal corporate training center. In addition, he from time to time reads open lectures all the walls of the Apple company.

Apparently, Apple needed a full-time philosopher, to explain to staff the principles of creating some products. On this hint information, which appeared online a few years ago. Then the staff of the Apple company on the condition of anonymity shared with the authors of the New York Times some details about the University Apple. They reported that lecturers often compare the products of the company with the works of great artists.


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