Apple recycle Apple Maps from scratch, learned a columnist for TechCrunch, Matthew Panzarino from the official representatives of the company. According to the confirmed information, the new maps will form the data obtained the Apple by the activities of vehicles with panoramic cameras, engaged in the collection of map data.

Apple Maps

“We wanted to reach the next level [in the development of card] — quoted by journalist eddy cue, senior Vice President of Apple’s software. — At the moment we are working to create that future — we hope — will be the best map service in the world. For this we had to rework everything from scratch.”

Immediately after the launch of Apple Maps in Cupertino realized that branded cards do not reach the rank of perfect, and decided to conclude an agreement with a more experienced industry members. But it was not enough. “Considering how many of the requirements we asked for their cards, we understand what we need to do everything themselves,” says Kew.

The most difficult in the process of rethinking Apple Maps was to adjust the road network to the built-in maps Navigator led user exactly where he was going. For this reason the company decided to launch an extensive network of vehicles with panoramic cameras, which would travel all of the road and filmed them.

When will the updated Apple Maps

Release early versions of the redesigned Apple Maps to be held in the next beta iOS build 12, says Panzarino. Original navigation service company will only cover the Northern district of California, but later spread to other regions of the United States and other countries.


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