Only the specialists can handle the repairs.

Apple has officially confirmed that the new mini-PC Mac mini 2018, which is the most affordable computer, the company will not work to fix unofficially. It will not allow to make a T2 co-processor Apple, which is installed in the computer. Unofficially refurbished Mac minis 2018 just won’t work.

Apple announced that the Mac mini is installed in 2018 innovative chip T2 directly into the presentation computer 30 Oct. However, just today, the company confirmed that due to the chip’s Mac mini 2018 do not get repaired at unauthorized service centers.

If the user Mac mini 2018 still try to save on repairs and will return to the informal service center, in most cases the computer will stop working. Chip Apple T2 monitors all components and verifies their conformity with the original. It is in regard to repair Apple devices with the chip T2 can only qualified employees of the company.

Chip Apple Mac mini T2 in 2018 and other Apple computers is responsible for maintaining the user data in maximum safety. Note that the Mac mini 2018 is already on sale in Russia. The best prices for computer assembled in this article.


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