Apple changed the priorities in the field of product development. Judging by the list of vacancies, now in the company developers of software and services became more important than engineers hardware.

Job offers in the last category held the first place in the period from 2016 to 2018, according to the Thinknum website. However, since the third quarter of 2018, the situation has changed and developers were the most demanded staff in the Apple.

As noted in Thinknum, in the last few months Apple has become more often talks about its software and services such as Apple Music, the new streaming service and a news subscription. Most likely, this is due to the drop in consumer interest in “iron” the goods of the Corporation.

Earlier said the author of the resource XDA Max Weinbach shared details of the new AirPods wireless headphones. The accessory can fully charge from the wireless charging in a very short time — 15 minutes.

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