The company Prophet presented the annual list of the most relevant brands in the economic sphere. According to the survey, the first in 2018 went to Apple.

In second place is Amazon, followed by social network Pinterest. The fourth and fifth positions were taken by Netflix and Android respectively. Google, which recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary, was awarded sixth place.

It is noteworthy that Samsung Electronics, is located in the seventh position, was the only non-us company that was in the top ten. The top 10 it is the fourth year in a row, but only this time, she managed to take a higher position. Among other Asian companies entered in the list of, Sony (21 seats), Toyota (29) and Honda (31).

Earlier said that the new Apple Watch in Russia can go without the function of the ECG. The company unveiled a smart watch during the annual September presentation. Other “Apple” novelties you can learn from special material.

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