An official statement from Apple.

Apple decided to put an end to the scandal connected with the curved hulls of the tablet iPad Pro 2018. The company has published an article that confirmed that the new iPad Pro 2018 really can have slight curves, visible to the human eye. According to Apple, this is due to the new design of the tablet sample of 2018.

In published Apple document confirmed that the body of iPad Pro 2018 can have a noticeable, but small curves. Apple stressed that the flatness tolerance is 400 microns. If the curve of the hull exceeds this value, then the buyer of this tablet will be able to exchange it to new under warranty.

The reason for the arched buildings of the new iPad Pro is to use Apple’s new production method called the joint forming. This method was used in the buildings of the iPad for the first time. It provides for the injection of plastic material to the milled channels of the aluminum body of the tablet. After cooling of the plastic entire body to process, thus achieving a truly seamless connection of plastic and aluminium in a single and durable housing.

In the document Apple reiterated that the tolerance curve of the buildings of the new iPad Pro 2018 is the most strict among all tablets company. This means that previous models of the iPad could have an even more curved case, which would not be considered marriage.

Source: Apple.


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