Apple has been denied a new lawsuit in a never-ending legal battle against VirnetX, but the Corporation from Cupertino has the opportunity to appeal.

According to the portal AppleInsider, the final decision was made by Robert Schroeder in the U.S. district court, Eastern district of Texas. In this verdict, judge Schroeder rejected the statement by Apple about the new trial, and partially denied in the counter lawsuit, VirnetX for justice.

Currently details are unknown. In making the final decision, Schroeder closed the case, but it does not preclude appeal to a higher judicial body.

The battle of these companies continue for several years. In 2012, Apple lost a lawsuit VirnetX and was ordered to pay compensation in the amount of 368,2 million dollars, but the verdict was later changed, allowing to reconsider the situation.

Earlier this year Apple was found guilty of infringing four VirnetX patents. Court was it was determined the payment of a fine 502,6 million dollars in damages.

The patents in question, related to services such as FaceTime, iMessage, and VPN. In one case, Apple was found guilty of patent infringement and agreed to pay 439,7 million dollars in favor of VirnetX. But here, the lawyers of the company that produces the iPhone appealed the case.

Most likely, the Corporation of Cupertino will once again appeal to the court in the high court because the total amount of payments VirnetX could reach $ 1 billion.


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