Not long ago, WhatsApp has enabled users to add their own stickers. However, this idea is not very much Apple. More precisely, the cupertinos did not like the fact that on the shelves of the App Store began to appear similar programs that allow you to create unique stickers for WhatsApp. Today it became known that Apple is beginning to deal with such applications. And cupertinos did not do things by halves and decided to remove apps from the App Store.

According to reports, Apple has decided to take this step due to the fact that almost all programs to create the stickers were similar to each other. This was the main reason for removal. According to kupertinovtsy, the same type of apps violate the App Store regulations.

According to the rules of all the apps available in the store should be unique and “self-sufficient”. And in the case of programs for creation of stickers, this condition was not observed. Many of them not only have equal opportunities, but had a similar interface.

A lot of users are unhappy with this situation. And most consumers blame not Apple, and WhatsApp. The leadership of messneger instead of embed in your app store with stickers, decided to go the unconventional path that eventually led to problems.


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