Apple sent iOS developers letter, which warned that the Search Ads will be closed in Russia for an indefinite period. The company explained the decision on changes in the Russian tax legislation, which will enter into force on 1 January 2019.

Proof to suspend Apple Search Ads for companies from Russia. Temporarily, but in the eve of new year holidays a little pleasant.

— Sergey Pakhandrin (@pakhandrin) 13 Nov 2018

We are talking about the new rules of levying a “tax on Google” in which foreign entrepreneurs have to register at the Federal tax service (FNS) and to pay VAT from the services they render to the Russian business, — now do it for them customers.

As noted by the head of ASO Analytics service AppFollow Ilya Kukharev, the closure of access to Search Ads will increase the cost of developers on advertising in the App Store, as they will have to contact the agencies and pay an additional fee.

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