Apple has confirmed that it will ban repair Mac mini to a third-party servicechangedelay two weeks ago the Mac mini was another device in suematsu of Apple computers, received the chip T2.

Like the iMac Pro, and MacBook Pro 2018, in addition to offloading of the CPU, this chip monitors the integrity of the whole system.

In an earlier document, Apple noted that all computers equipped with chip T2 will be repaired exclusively at authorized service centers. And all because after the replacement of components devices will undergo testing via the proprietary AST 2.

Without this step, the repair is considered to be incomplete, and the Mac refuses to turn on.

Such a fate befell the new Mac mini. This information was confirmed by representatives of Apple personally. Alas, the list of components, after which required testing and device activation, and the timing of the launch of such a push lock Apple did not name.

Now emerges an understandable perspective. In a few years Apple will be able to fix only those companies that will be mandatory certification. The days of unauthorized service centers are numbered.

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