Recently it became known that employees of authorized service centers can literally in a matter of minutes to determine whether there is in iPhone or iPad uncertified components. To this end, the experts simply to diagnose Apple device with a special accessory.

Method of verification, called Zombie Check, aimed primarily to determine whether the iPhone and iPad aftermarket components. Thus, the cupertinos are trying to fight against fraudulent schemes in which attackers have changed some aftermarket iPhone components and then took the machines under warranty, getting a new device. The most popular such schemes were used in China.

Using Zombie Check service center experts can quickly check the serial numbers of all major components in the iPhone and iPad. While not particularly important, what is the status of the device. To check the serial numbers even on the gadget, the time spent in the water.

According to available data, informed to check the internal components of the iPhone and iPad cupertinos used only by special software. However, fraudsters quickly found ways to bypass. New verification method differs from existing solutions in the first place by the presence of special adapter through which iPhone or iPad is connected to the computer. It allows to check components of the device, even if the smartphone or tablet is damaged memory, CPU or other critical components.

It is noteworthy that initially, this instrument was used only in China. However, at the beginning of this year, he appeared in other service centers Apple.


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