Apple has decided to leave third-party services without rabotev this year MacBook Pro 2018 was the second company that has a chip T2. As it turned out, in addition to task shifting and unloading of the processor, this chip provides additional protection in the interests of the company.

On the motherboard of the aforementioned models have special locking mechanisms. As a result, the devices refuse to work after the repair until, until you run a special test application Apple System Comfiguration.

The corresponding document explaining Apple sent out the other day authorized service centers, explaining what affects the chip T2.

The Mac chip T2 will not be activated until then, until you run a set of system configuration AST 2. Without this step, the repair is considered unfinished.

Given, which is available exclusively to authorized service centers, third-party services to repair not be able.

Looks like this is just the first steps of Apple in a similar direction. If the company will continue to adhere to such a policy, third-party services may face big problems.

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