In April it became known that the head of development of Google in the field of artificial intelligence John Giannandrea moved to Apple. Now the iPhone maker has officially announced that it instructed the new employee: he will lead a new team dealing with developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

This command is formed from two previously separate groups have worked on machine-learning techniques Core ML and the team who created the voice assistant Siri. The internal structure of both groups will remain the same, however, they will now report to one head — Giannandrea.

He, in turn, included in the company’s senior management, being one of the 16 top managers of Apple, subordinated directly to the CEO Tim cook.

For eight years, Giannandrea in Google research and development in the field of AI have become key for the company and are now being used in the mass of the products — from search and voice assistant Google ON Assistant to photography in smartphones Google Pixel and specially designed “neural chips”.

∎The Apple employees told why Siri is not enough emaciate also

Apple introduced its “intelligent assistant” Siri, a first among IT giants, currently, however, Apple’s assistant is noticeably inferior in functionality and “intelligence” Assistant Google and Amazon’s Alexa. Help Apple catch up with the competitors can develop in the field of machine intelligence that will enhance the quality of speech recognition and to improve “understanding” of the gadgets given natural language commands.


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