Before the presentation of the new iPhone, many were sure that the iPhone will appear in two-way wireless charging, with which users will be able to charge the Apple Watch and the AirPods literally on the move. However, as part of the September event cupertinos did not report such features. But if you believe the insider Sonny Dixon, the necessary equipment for two-way wireless charging in the new iPhone is still there.

According to the information that Dixon received from sources in the supply chain Apple cupertinos still have equipped their new smartphone with all the necessary components for the operation of the two-way charging. However, their work is limited programmatically. For some reason, it made the insider does not specify.

Exactly about the presence or absence of the necessary components will be known once the iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone Pro and 11 Pro Max will be available and will fall into the hands of specialists iFixit or other “parser”.

It should be noted that Ming-Chi Kuo and journalist Bloomberg’s mark Gurman, who has long talked about a possible appearance in the new iPhone two-way wireless charging, a few hours before the official presentation of the new products have changed their minds. According to them, the company decided to abandon this feature because it does not meet their requirements.


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