iPhone Xs, Max Xs and Xr received advanced module NFC, which is not limited only to contactless payment, according to the official Apple website. Now the flagship phones can scan NFC tags using the function to read tags that is enabled by default.

According to the manufacturer, reading NFC tags works automatically and does not require any action from the user. The smartphone will determine what close to it is a tag, and considers it, transferring the received data to the appropriate application.

Why you need a NFC tag

Read the labels will allow owners of new iPhones to more efficiently obtain information about an NFC-enabled objects. For example, thanks to near-field module, you can instantly find out the number of remaining trips on the metro to the historical summary of Museum exhibits and even download the app.

The first module of the near field only appeared in the sixth generation of the iPhone. Up to the present time, the only way its exploitation remained contactless payments with Apple Pay service, while Android smartphones can work with NFC-tags for a few years before.

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