According to CNBC, some time ago Apple made the decision to lay off employees who worked on Project Titan. Recall that in the last cupertinos worked on their own cars and special software for unmanned vehicles.

According to reports, the project should leave about 200 people. Moreover, the representatives of the Apple company noted that not all employees will leave the ranks of Apple. Many will move from Project Titan to other units. For example, in a Department that deals with the development of technologies of artificial intelligence and research in the field of machine learning.

In spite of the massive staff reduction, cupertinos still think the direction associated with unmanned vehicles, is very promising. For this reason, the company has no plans to curtail work on such projects.

It is worth noting that the last reduction is not the first in the history of Project Titan. In 2016, the network appeared information about several hundred employees who were either completely dismissed or transferred to work on other products.


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