According to CNBC, Apple was interested in shooting their own films. This suggests the agreement concluded between the iPhone maker and the company A24. The latter should help Apple in the development of full movies and TV shows for Apple’s new service video.

Company A24 exists on the market already not the first year and specializiruetsya in the production of films and television programs. She has produced such films as “Lady bird”, “Moonlight”, “EN”, “Comrade detective”, “silver lake”, “High society” and others. Several films received Oscar, Golden globe and other awards.

Apparently, now cupertinos are trying to attract more partners that will help them promote the new service. According to experts, Apple’s video service will have considerably to press Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

According to rumors, in the first phase Apple plans to compete not only with the help of aggressive advertising and content, but also through special offers. Earlier in the network appeared information that the owners of iPhone, iPad and Mac will be able to use the new service for free. At least for a period.


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