The news Agency CNBC, citing informed sources said that some time ago Apple has hired a large group of health workers, which should help in the development of new and revision of existing projects.

At the moment the exact number of hired employees is unknown. The journalists managed to identify only about 20 people. This helped the new staff profiles on LinkedIn. However, the authors believe CNBC that Apple has just hired about 50 people. Many of them just don’t talk about their place of work because of agreements.

It is reported that among the experts there are cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons and pediatricians. Some of the new employees previously worked with technology companies. For example, medical equipment manufacturer Zimmer Biomet.

According to CNBC, at least two “newbies”, including a specialist in family medicine, Michael Evans and anesthesiologist Mike O’reilly, it was definitely in the group of “special projects” by Apple. Most likely, they will help in the development of new Apple projects.


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