Apple has recruited about two dozen of Intel engineers who are working in a secret laboratory near Portland, reports 9To5Mac. It is assumed that they are responsible for creating their own ARM chip of Apple, which will form the basis of the Mac computers of future generations.

According to 9To5Mac, Cupertino has been actively involved in the recruitment of new employees in November last year, studying the career sites of their partners. Around the same time, the Network began to appear rumors about Apple’s plans to release its own chipset for the Mac to continue to rely only on themselves, not depending on Intel.

It is expected that work on its own processor, it will take Apple at least two years. It is therefore expected that the company will present its first computer based on the brand of the chipset before 2020, not worth it. A similar position is held by mark Gurman, a columnist for the publication Bloomberg, known for his awareness almost any questions regarding new Apple products.


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