Apple has patented the technology of personal identification through the iPhone, reports Apple Insider. A smartphone can become a replacement passport, it will transmit data about the owner of the lockbox to requesting information on.

Transfer of information is planned with the help of RFID technology — for example, through NFC, which is already used on most smartphones. While protecting personal data plan with Touch ID and Face ID.

The company notes that the technology could be used as checkpoints, private companies and passport control at airports.

It should be noted that the Face ID technology, which was first introduced in the iPhone X has caused users a lot of criticism, due to its unreliability.

In 2017, the parents of a 10-year-old boy in the US was told that their son had no difficulty maternal unlocked smartphone with Face ID. Protection for your iPhone X bypassed and employees of the Vietnamese company Bkav: they made the mask in the face of one of the owners of the smartphone.


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