Apple has patented technology to secure transmission of data, which should allow owners of Apple’s smartphone to confirm their identity, using the iPhone. Cupertinos hope that through this design, the smartphone will be able to replace the passport, driving license and other documents.

In the patent application indicated that the personal data and documents will be transmitted via a special secure communication channel, which will be based on FID or NFC technology. Additional security information stored in the iPhone, will provide biometric and fingerprint sensors.

It is worth noting that similar technology is already being used by Apple in Apple Pay. According to experts, the latter has quite a high level of security.

At the moment it is unknown exactly when Apple plans to implement in their devices, a new secure data transmission method. However, sources say that the patent application was sent to the Bureau of patents and trademarks on March 30, and today it was registered. Some believe that the speed of obtaining a patent indicates a desire to implement Apple’s patented technology in the very near future.


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