Recently ended this year’s first presentation of the Apple, in which the cupertinos presented their new services. One of the novelties was the updated Apple news service called Apple News+.

As experts assume, the new news aggregator was based on the platform Texture, which Apple bought about a year ago. It provided users with access to popular magazines such as ELLE People, Esquire, The New Yorker, Fortune and others by subscription. In fact, Apple updated the service makes about the same. However, with some features.

One of the main pieces of Apple News+ is an impressive library. At the initial stage, it includes more than 300 different journals. The cupertinos plan to gradually increase this number by adding to the library of different regional publications. For example, in Canada users can popular magazine The Star. In addition magazines also present major Newspapers and some online publications.

Another feature of the new service will be an advanced Recommender system. The algorithms of selection of materials will work on the device itself, not on remote servers.

Separately in the presentation of cupertinos focused on the layout of the articles. No matter what device is used to read – iPhone, iPad, or Mac – any screen material will look amazing: comfortable layout, quality images, etc.

The main disadvantage of the updated Apple News is that at the moment the service only works in two countries – the United States and Canada. In this case, before the end of this year cupertinos plan to expand coverage by running Apple News+ in Australia and the UK.

As for the cost, the access to a huge library of magazines and Newspapers, users will need to pay just $ 9.99 a month. The first month is cupertinos offering a gift.


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