Apple has patented a system of thermal control for the propulsion of electric vehicles and hybrids. According to the application filed in the patent and trademark office, known smartphone manufacturer offers to use the modular refrigeration unit.

Autocar writes that the proposed Apple thermal control system consists of several subsystems or loops. This circuit refrigerant circuit heating circuit cooling circuit battery and the footprint of the power plant. Each subsystem has a heat exchanger associated with the other circuit, which ensures selective heating or cooling.

Modular refrigeration unit can be assembled on the side of the manufacturer, refilled, tested and delivered to the Assembly line ready site for subsequent installation in vehicles. In the patent application also discusses the use of the gas cooler with liquid cooling: it can, for example, to remove the heat from the subsystem of the refrigerant and direct it into the heating circuit of the cabin.

Developing a system of temperature control involved a group of engineers, known as Project Titan. It includes engineers who previously worked in a company producing electric cars. For example, Vincent Johnston, who Apple has worked in Lucid Motors, Tesla, and Boeing.

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