In iPhone X Apple replaced the Touch ID technology Face ID, which has a much lower rate of false positives compared to Touch ID. However, a new patent indicates that “Apple” producer could bring Touch ID to their gadgets.

The patent, entitled “biometric imaging input surfaces,” describes a system of imaging of the display surface. Using a combination of acoustic transducers of a sound to determine the vibrations of the surface, it is possible to turn the entire display into a fingerprint scanner. So you can create a copy of any object in contact with the screen, e.g., of the fingertip.

Other elements can include the use of sensors to determine the touch point. This will allow more to scan a certain part, without studying the entire display. Therefore, the finger can be scanned at any point of the display.

Application of this technology is unknown. Most likely, in the future Apple will be used as a Face ID and Touch ID.

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