One of the features of modern touchscreens is that they do not work in rain or just in those moments when on the surface appear water drops. The display literally begins to perceive drops as more pressing. However, Apple is already thinking about a solution to this problem.

According to one of patent applications that cupertinos filed in the Office of patents and trademarks USA, in future Apple mobile devices may receive the specific filter types touch. For his work, the engineers propose to use an additional grid, including dozens of sensor nodes. The latter will collect information on the area of touch, its intensity, etc.

All collected from sensor nodes information should be evaluated by a special algorithm, which will help to distinguish the “imaginary” of depression. Potentially such a system may distinguish not only the water drops on the screen from fingers touch, but also to isolate other accidental pressing.

Alas, but no specific information as to when that is described in the patent system can appear in Apple serial devices, but not now. The most optimistic projections, something similar will be implemented in the next few years.


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