July 17 is world Emoji day. In this regard Apple decided to show some smilies that will be available in upcoming versions of iOS and macOS.

Fall in the products Apple will be more than 70 new smileys. They will all be available on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac computers after the Corporation Tim cook will introduce support for the Unicode standard 11.0.

Among the new Emoji will appear exotic animals like kangaroos and parrots, new versions of those with additional hairstyles.

Despite the fact that the beta version of iOS and macOS 12 Mojave is now available for testing, they are emoticons from Unicode 11.0 not available, as this standard was finalized and approved only on June 5. Therefore, in order to use them, you must wait for the official release of new operating systems Apple.

The beta version of iOS and macOS 12 Mojave was presented immediately after the WWDC 2018.


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