Apple has announced the winners of the international photo contest “Shot on iPhone”. At the end of the competition, the jury selected ten best works which will be posted on street billboards, Apple retail stores, and online.

The contest was held from 22 January to 7 February. The participants had to take a picture of any modern model iPhone (iPhone 7 to iPhone XS Max) and post it to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ShotOniPhone.

Image was allowed to edit in the Photos app or any other third party tool. The jury consisted of 11 judges, including Pete Souza is the chief photographer of the 44th President Barack Obama, and Phil Schiller — senior Vice President of marketing for Apple.

Photo winners:

Alex Jiang (USA), iPhone XS Max
Blake Marvin (USA), iPhone Xs Max
Darren (Singapore), the iPhone Xs Max
Nikita Yarosh (Belarus), iPhone 7
Dean Alfasi (Israel), iPhone X
Elizabeth Scarrat (USA), iPhone 8 Plus

Andrew Griswold (USA), iPhone Xs
Bernard Antolin (USA), iPhone XS Max
If ADI Darmawan (USA), iPhone Xs
Robert Glaser (Germany), iPhone 7

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