Shortly after the release of iPhone X network sources began to report Apple’s plans to equip its laptops and computers with facial recognition. Such intention is confirmed by the patent application, details of which appear periodically in the network.

According to the latest data, some time ago cupertinos filed in the Bureau of patents and trademarks United States patent application, which describes the analogue of the Face ID for Mac computers.

According to available data, the facial recognition system will consist of several cameras and will be able to distinguish not only the outline of your face, but also on the retina. Thanks to the latest features analogue Face ID for Mac will be able to tell twins apart.

In addition, the patent States that the system can monitor the space in front of the computer in the background. This means that even in sleep mode, the computer will determine when it is a person and automatically include facial recognition.

As usual, there is no specific information on exactly when Apple might introduce such a system in a production model Mac. In the past, network sources reported that the cupertinos have just started testing prototypes with Face ID.


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